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Click HERE to download Remote Support Login tool Click HERE to download Regular Touch driver
Click HERE to download Planar 22'' Touch driver Click HERE to download ZJ Printer Driver
Click HERE to download TM200 Win XP printer driver Click HERE to download TM200 Win 7 64 bit printer driver
PennyWise POS offers free basic remote technical support with the purchase of any of our systems.

If you need assistance call us at 888-580-7036 and press "2" or E-mail us at, be sure to include your phone number and customer information so that if we can not easily help you in e-mail, we can call you back to assist.

All systems we ship out come with a remote tech support log in tool that when activated by the customer, allows us to log into the system and show you how to fix whatever issue you have.

If you deleted this program by mistake, click the link above to download it.

You will also find on this page some of the common drivers used in the installation of our systems - do not install any drivers unless you are sure they are the right ones for your setup.