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What is the difference between your "Premium" and "Value" line systems ?
Our "Value" line systems use a refurbished Dell computer to help make those systems more affordable.
All of the other components in the Value Line systems are brand new.
All components in the Premium Line are new.

The software and functionality is exactly the same in both the Premium and Value lines.

What kind of financing do you offer ?
We offer financing using Paypal's "Bill me later" service. If "Bill me later" does not show up automatically as a checkout option when you try to pay, you may need to first sign up for a Paypal account. If you choose "Bill me later" their system will do a quick credit check based on 2 simple questions. Your credit will determine how much of the total purchase they will finance. Approval or non-approval is almost instant. The payment plans available will also depend on your credit.

Why should I not get one of those $50 POS systems I see advertised everywhere ?
There are a few big issues with those $50 systems, first, you must swap to that companies credit card processor, you can not ever use your own processor. These systems also tend to have inferior specs and equipment. The software also tends to be a crippled version of a much more expensive package. There are also often lots of hidden fees and recurring costs that are not imediately disclosed.

Can I keep my current merchant processor for credit cards ?
Yes, all of our systems allow you to keep your current processor using any existing credit card machine you may have. If you want to use the integrated credit card system you usually do have to change processors. Different software packages have different choices available for merchant processors. But you can always use any existing credit card machine you may have.

What is the difference between the All in one systems versus the regular systems ?
The all in one systems have the computers built into their frame, thus saving a lot of space. Not all locations have room to put a computer tower under a counter. If space is very limited and you need a small footprint, these are a good option.

Do I need the touch screen upgrade for my retail system ?
It depends. If most of what you sell is bar coded, then you do not need a touch screen. If however you will need to ring up a lot of items that are not bar coded, then a touch screen can be very helpful in ringing those items up.

Should I purchase the memory upgrade option during checkout ?
Generally, no. That option is not needed if you intend to use the POS system, just as a POS system. If you intend to install other programs on that POS computer that have certain memory requirements, then the memory upgrade might be a good idea. The systems all work well as they come - without any upgrades. Many customers however, do have special needs that we try to accommodate.

Should I purchase the option that upgrades my hard drive to SSD, what is an SSD ?
SSD stands for "solid state drive" it is a hard drive with no moving parts, similar to a very big, very fast memory stick.
Because SSD's have no moving parts they are immune to many of the things that can cause a regular hard drive to crash.
Also with the way SSD's work, data flows in and out of them up to 10 times faster than a regular hard drive.
All of the systems in our value line use refurbished computers, these computers have hard drives in them that have seen more wear than a new drive. Generally speaking as long as all the stations are on a battery backup, there is little chance of the hard drives failing because most hard drive failures occur during power flickers or outages. As long as you use a battery backup this upgrade is not necessary, however for those wary of using a refurb computer, upgrading the hard drive to a new SSD not only makes it "
virtually" uncrashable, it can also speed up how fast the computer operates by up to 10 times as fast. Sometimes simply to enhance performance this upgrade can be useful. There is also an option to upgrade only the server's hard drive in our multi-station systems. Even just upgrading the server could offer piece of mind and dramatic speed benefits.

What if I want to load my own software on the system I buy ?
No problem, there is always a checkout option to purchase the system "No POS Software". Choosing that option will lower the cost of the system and allow you the flexibility to use any software you desire or might already be used to.

What kind of training do you provide with your systems ?
All of our systems come with very thorough training videos. We recommend that you watch all the videos and then if you have questions, we are always here to help. If needed we can always log into your system remotely and actually show you how to do what ever you are trying to do. This is a free service.

What are your warranty, shipping and support policies ?
For information on those things click on the "General Information" link at the top of our home page.

I'm located in South Florida, can I get an in person product demonstration ?
Yes, we have a sales office in Plantation Florida where customers can come and use a live system to test the software and see the hardware they'd be getting in the system. Product demonstrations are by appointment only.

What other services do you offer to local customers ?
We offer delivery with basic setup and also full installation and training sessions. For more info see our "Local Services" page.