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We offer several choices for restaurant software -
EZPower Restaurant, Restaurant Maid and Freedom POS.

In general we recommend EZPower for most locations since its feature set is the most full for the price.

We recommend you watch the video demos for any software options before you purchase.

Many of the software packages we offer have similar features, however there are a few differences that may be important for some locations.

EZPower Restaurant This software is good all around for most any type of restaurant, weather full service, quick service, bar or delivery.
There is very little this software doesn't do.

Restaurant Maid This is our basic software, it gives you the basic functionality that most counter service locations need. (Cash management, kitchen tickets, basic inventory and reports)
Restaurant Maid is not recommended for full service restaurants, but if you have basic needs, its a great value.

Freedom POS (formerly "TFree")is good for both quick service and full service. We typically now only sell this software as an add on for existing locations already running this software since the software is no longer being updated by the software company.
While Freedom POS will track sales and generate sales reports, it will not keep track of inventory counts and it does not transfer information to QuickBooks, however, reports can be exported to Excel.

A big difference between the software options is in credit card processing, here are the options for each software package.

EZPower Restaurant
Supports stand alone terminals
Free Integrated Credit cards with via Vantiv/Mercury Payments or ChargeItPro

Restaurant Maid
Supports stand alone terminals
Free Integrated Credit cards with via ChargeItPro, Vantiv/Mercury Payments, XCharge or Cayan

Freedom POS
Supports stand alone terminals
Free Integrated Credit cards via XCharge

If you are not sure which software package is best for your location, feel free to give us a call or e-mail us to discuss.