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We offer two options for retail software, EZPower and POS Maid.

POS Maid is the default software in our Basic line and EZPower is the default in our regular product lines.

POS Maid will handle the needs of most small retailers and includes most of the features that you would expect such as payroll, inventory tracking and most of the reports you would need.

EZPower although a bit more expensive is much more versatile and has alot more functionality than POS Maid.
You can view each software's feature list to see exactly what each offers.

Overview - If you just have basic needs, than POS Maid will suit your needs and save you some money.
However, for not much more EZPower has alot more to offer.

Both support stand alone credit card machines or your choice of integrated processors.
EZPower supports built in gift card programs, POS Maid uses gift cards purchased through your merchant provider.